Following the theft of money by the EU/IMF enforced on Cypriot government it is clear that there is potential for this to happen ANYWHERE.

As Europe and the Euro begins to unravel you need to move now before it is too late. When the government needs money it can come and take this from your bank accounts, pension or even housing via TAX just as it has from Cypriot bank accounts in order to bail out failed banks and save itself.

In order to protect your wealth against easy taxation and hedge against likely inflation from the heavy money printing I believe the three best assets are Gold, Silver and Bitcoin.

There are three main ways to store wealth that look good to me. Firstly Gold. You can buy vaulted gold for low cost at BullionVault. It is safe, trusted by 10s of thousands and easy to buy and sell. Ideal as a hedge against banking crashes or deposit "tax" theft.

Gold coins produced in the UK by the Royal Mint with face value are exempt from CGT (capital gains tax).


Second way to hedge is Silver. I think keeping some physical silver in a secure location and some vaulted for trading for fiat currency is ideal. Again BullionVault can be used to buy Silver. If you buy it through a vaulted provider you have the advantage of not paying VAT. The advantage of having silver in physical coins is that you can trade them directly if you have a hyper-inflation Weimar style scenario and need to stop using fiat currency temporarily due to instability. Additionally the silver coin market is fairly well known and getting more popular, there is inherent numismatic value to some coins in addition to their silver content value.

Silver coins produced in the UK by the Royal Mint with face value are exempt from CGT (capital gains tax).


A new way to store wealth, but completely different from precious metals, and in fact a new asset class entirely is BitCoin.

Bitcoin has been around for a relatively short time (since 2009) and started to gain attention in 2011, and again in  2012 following heavy media exposure. It is best described as "cash for the Internet". With no central authority it operates peer-to-peer with many contributing to the infrastructure and a combination of public key cryptography + proof of work and shared knowledge as a system of trust.

It is still relatively unknown by the general public and will need more "killer apps" enabling Bitcoin as a payment method to break into the mainstream.

If you are interested in buying Bitcoin in the UK it is still not straight-forward, so please see here for some instructions.